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Places of interest

Discovering Scena

Scena and culture simply belong together. The Romanesque St. Martinskirche church, dating to the year 1200, is the oldest local work of sacred art in Scena above Merano. The most impressive monument is nonetheless Schenna Castle. Its superb mausoleum is carved from red sandstone. Te castle was purchased by the Archduke Johann of Austria and remains the property of his heirs, the Counts of Merano, to this day. Another contemporary witness is the original rotunda of St. Georg which retains well-preserved 14th-century frescoes.

Kurstadt Meran
Schenna im Meraner Land

Sightseeing around Merano

Merano represents a Mediterranean lifestyle and cultural diversity
A monument which you will notice immediately: the Terme Meran. A stylish linear glass and steel cube in the spa town Merano. This is a special place for regaining energy, for reinvigorating or simply for relaxing all your senses. The Mediterranean spa park and 25 pools indoors and outdoors provide a sense of well-being.

Nature and garden lovers instead will be inspired by the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle, probably the most beautiful gardens in the world. More than 80 garden landscapes on different terraces let nature lovers’ eyes shine up. The “Touriseum” in the Trauttmansdorff Castle tells the South Tyrolean tourism history.

Merano Thermal Baths

Near Schenna, the Merano Thermal Baths are an oasis of relaxation and a place of well-being with their sparkling attractions on a surface area of 7.650 m². You cannot miss them during your holiday! Particular attention is paid to a close connection with the nature of South Tyrol. Many local natural products, like apples, grapes, whey, wool or herbs are therefore used for the many wellness treatments.

Our guests receive a 10% reduction on all entrance fees and treatments!

Therme Meran

Trauttmansdorff Castle and the its botanical gardens

After a great hiking tour, you can reach Trauttmansdorff Castle. In its historic rooms, it conceals a very special museum: the Touriseum. It illustrates to the visitor the history of tourism in South Tyrol in an amusing and diversified way. The tour ends with an enjoyable highlight, the South Tyrolean board game. The Touriseum is right next to the famous botanical gardens, consisting of 80 garden types from all over the world. 11 pavilions designed and created by artists shape a connection between art and nature in a most unique way. Be welcome by the sweet scents of paradise!

Natur pur in den Gärten von Schloss Trautmannsdorff

The Ötzi museum

The South Tyrol Museum of Archeology in Bolzano illustrates South Tyrolean history to its visitors. During an interesting and appealing tour you will get insight into the historic development in the southern Alpine area beginning in the Paleolithic era around 15.000 BC, up to the Carolingian period around 800 AD. In this museum you can also visit Ötzi, the famous Glacier Mummy from the Hauslabjoch. What makes Ötzi so special is on the one hand his excellent conservation, making him particularly interesting for research to archaeologists from all over the world, and on the other hand the many objects found with him. With the help of these objects it was possible to reconstruct and study the way of life and culture of his time. History is revived through models, reconstructions, stereo grams, videos and interactive multimedia stations.

Ötzimuseum in der Landeshauptstadt Bozen

Hiking trails from Schenna to the surroundings of Meran

Starting in Schenna, you can discover the surroundings of Merano on great hiking trails. Stroll through an impressive landscape, enjoy the panoramic view on the South Tyrolean mountains and walk over rough and smooth terrain to a cosy farmhouse inn or tavern at the waysides of the many trails to take refreshment there. The trails will also lead you from Schenna to the neighbouring villages such as Dorf Tirol and Riffian and you can even reach the impressive botanical gardens in Trautmansdorff Castle in Meran. Among all these possibilities, you will surely find what you expect from a holiday in South Tyrol. Here are some further suggestions for your coming walks in Schenna:

  • Through the wood – Cross the open countryside and pass by chestnut trees and Schloss Thurn Castle; walking time about 1 1/2 hours
  • Schenna – St. Georgen – Schenna: Walk to the round church of St. Georgen and admire its many frescoes; walking time about 1 1/2 hours
  • Walk to Dorf Tirol or Riffian; walking time about 1 1/4 hours and 1 1/2 hours
  • From Schenna to the botanical gardens of Trautmansdorff Castle; walking time about 1 1/4 hours

Walking trails in the surroundings of Merano

The many walking trails in the surroundings of Merano make it possible for you to walkaround Schenna and its surroundings all year long and thus to get to know the area. Each season will enchant you with its particularities. In spring you will be able to enjoy the countless and sweet smelling blossoms, in summer you will appreciate the fresh breeze, autumn will impress you with its colourful leaves and winter will show you its wonderful white landscapes.

  • The Verdinser Waalweg walking trail leads from the Masulschlucht ravine to the Naiftal Valley; 7.5km long; walking time about 2 hours.
  • The Maiser Waalweg walking trail leads from Saltaus to Obermais; 9 km long; walking time about 2 1/2 hours
Aktivurlaub in wunderschöner Berglandschaft in Südtirol